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File types on the Escape

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I am hoping you can help me find the answer to a question about the Navigation system and the file types it accepts for music?

I read there was 10GB for Music and 30GB for Maps, etc.

Do you know what file types it reads for music on the Nav/entertainment system? WMA, MP3's, and Apple M4A files?

Thanks :)
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I havent actually purchased one yet.

I got approved yesterday to buy one.. was going to go and finalise the deal today or tomorrow.
but I was curious about the Navigation system and the files. cause on my computer all my files are pretty much on iTunes...:( so I am unsure how to get them to MP3 format...
Sweet. Thanks so much for your help with this...
Just got a call today that the Escape I am wanting will arrive later this week maybe Thursday or Friday (may possibly be monday) because tomorrow is a Remembrance day in Canada...
Totally stoked, I will keep you posted on the system and will post some pics in the pic section later.
Thanks guys for your help...
I closed the deal on my escape on Monday, so I should have it here in Vancouver by Friday...ill get some pics up asap....
I put together about 300 of my favorite cd's which I will spend the next month ripping to the hard Since I will be going on a road trip for Christmas to Calgary/Saskatoon/Edmonton/Lethbridge/and then up through the usa through Idaho and Washington and back to Vancouver...I guess I will also have satellite radio...but it doesnt always play all the tunes that you really want to here..
Ill keep you posted with some pics, etc soon!

Thanks again for your help.

1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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