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Finally picked it up today! ***pics added Steel Blue

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Yes! Got tired of waiting for the update to come in and called the dealership this past Tuesday and my 'scape was in. Picked it up today in the early evening, so it was dark out when I got it and was hard to really get a good look at the exterior, but it looks nice under the lights. As a reminder, I ordered a 4cyl., Steel Blue, FWD XLT with Stone interior and it's got the SAT radio with Sync.
My first impression is that it looks small on the outside and feels big on the inside - love the feel of the smallish steering wheel in my hands and really glad I went with the Stone interior - like the multi shades of grey. Build quality seems to be on the high side. My Wife's first impression was that it sounded and feels like an "import/Civic/Accord" (not a bad thing) compared to the extra large (3.5L V6) luxurious 08 Taurus Limited and her Daily driver, 03 Expedition XLT (5.4L V8). Lookin' forward to many good miles.

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Indeed they are nice trucks.

The 4 cylinder in the 3rd generation models isn't too shabby either.
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