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Fixed and improved a few things today

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So I installed some KYB G2 shocks in the rear, then took off the rear wheels to clean out the drum brakes and added some Quiet Brake by CRC to the friction points. Then I decided that I would also scrap, wirebrush and paint the drums to freshen the rest of the area up using some satin black paint. So here are some pictures of before and after. You'll see the rusty drums before and after and you'll notice the silver KYB shocks. Now all I have to do is change out the front struts.

Rusty Drums with new shocks

Painted Drums with new shocks
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Thanks. now to do the front struts. Does anyone know what parts Ill need to replace when I change the front struts?
First off, thanks for all your replies! I already changed the sway links at 80k with Moog with zerk grease fittings, and Energy suspensions urethane sway bar bushings with greaseable zerk fittings. By the way these bushings are three times as thick as the OEM bushings and are probabbly 4 times as firm. Making a huge difference in cornering performance. The oem bushings are about a 1/8 inch thick and very soft. From the side view of the OEM bushing they look 1/4" thick, but the bushing overhangs the bracket and if you pull them out an take a look at them they are 1/8" thick. I haven't changed struts since 2003 and I couldn't remember everything I needed. Thanks.
Ajax said:
Looks good, I painted my drums as well as my front calipers, both black.
You have a 05 right? I thought the rear brakes were disc on your Escape. Do you mean the rotors?
Just FYI Greenstuff pads from EBC are Kevlar based and make hardly no dust. Great if your changing your pads in the future. Also I have had four wheel vented disc brakes on my Mitsubishi 3000gt and barely had any dust on the rears. But it may be associated with 4wd. We do know that they did put drums on all 01-04.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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