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Fixed and improved a few things today

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So I installed some KYB G2 shocks in the rear, then took off the rear wheels to clean out the drum brakes and added some Quiet Brake by CRC to the friction points. Then I decided that I would also scrap, wirebrush and paint the drums to freshen the rest of the area up using some satin black paint. So here are some pictures of before and after. You'll see the rusty drums before and after and you'll notice the silver KYB shocks. Now all I have to do is change out the front struts.

Rusty Drums with new shocks

Painted Drums with new shocks
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ajc6882 said:
Thanks. now to do the front struts. Does anyone know what parts Ill need to replace when I change the front struts?
First off all I must say what a good and neat job you did at the rear. :thumb: :thumb:
For the front struts, two are the options:
1/Buy and change the whole unit as one, (spring and dumper).Something you can do yourself, following the manual's instructions.
2/Change just the dumpers.Not recommended if you don't have any experience on this and can be dangerous handling the spring compressor.
Since the car is a 2004 Escape, it is recommended after all these years to change the struts' top mounts with their bearing.
Also check the condition of the sway bar links and the two bushings of the sway bar.
When everything is done and finished the car has to be taken for alignment.
...and discs or no discs at the back, there are still drums, (little they may be), for the hand- brake.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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