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For Sale: 2000-2001 Car-Truck Ford Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis Manual for Troubleshooting Onboard Diagnostics II (OBDII).
This is a Ford oem factory troubleshooting manual.
Covers several models, including the Escape. Used for diagnosing problems.
Has information on how the various systems on the car function.
Has step-by-step information for deciphering the trouble codes.
Has information in regards to: resistance, voltage, fuel pressure, vacuum pressure, etc.
The 2000 info is in one section, while the 2001 info is in another.
I believe someone incorrectly put the two years in the same binder.
Good condition. $5 + shipping.

Note: The manual for sale is a comprehensive troubleshooting manual in binder form. This isn't the shop manual.
The shop manual primarily shows how to remove stuff from the vehicle, and although it has some troubleshooting info,
the shop manual doesn't really show how to troubleshoot a lot of common problems. The shop manual will direct you to reference the Powertrain & Emissions Diagnosis manual to troubleshoot most problems, so this manual I have for sale is kind of like an addendum to the shop manual.

$5 + shipping.

Contact here or via private message. Thanks. JohnKelly.

PS: an ebbaayy seller sent the wrong manual, so I'm just trying to get rid of it. Five bucks seems rather cheap.
It also covers the Ford Focus, Mustang, Cougar, Contour, Taurus, Crown Vic, Explorer, Expedition, E-series, F-series, etc.
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