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The Ford Motor Company has been selected for the Green Choice Award based on it's efforts to produce more environmentally friendly vehicles like the new Fusion and Milan hybrids in addition to the existing Escape and Mariner hybrids. Ford was also called out for cutting one third of its global energy use over the past nine years.



On Tuesday, May 6, Ford Motor Company was recognized with the esteemed 'Green Choice Award' by Natural Health magazine. Ford received this award for its continuous efforts towards building a greener future. The company and its products were judged in a number of different areas such as alternative energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, recycling, operational energy footprints, and LEED certifications.

Ford Motor Company recognizes the importance of working jointly with environmental stakeholders to engineer sustainable vehicles in an eco-friendly manner. Its commitment to a greener future is demonstrated on a daily basis with numerous ongoing environmental initiatives.

The following are some highlights of Ford's ongoing environmental initiatives:

* Each year, Ford conserves up to 900 tons of carbon emissions and 600,000 gallons of water because Escape Hybrid seats are made with 100 per cent post-industrial recycled fabric.

* Since 2000, Ford has cut its global energy use by nearly one third, in part by upgrading plants with more efficient equipment.

* Ford gives employees two paid days off a year to do volunteer work-in 2008, they committed a total of 124,000 hours. At 17 of the company's facilities, staffers have turned vacant plots of land into habitats for local plants and animals, and created walking trails to encourage nearby residents to visit.

* Ford's EcoBoost engine, which the company launched this year, improves vehicle fuel economy by as much as 20 per cent.

The 'Green Choice Award' was presented to Ford, along with nine other corporations, by renowned actor and environmental activist Ed Begley, Jr. in New York City. Accepting the award on behalf of Ford was David Berdish, Manager of Sustainable Business Development.


"Ford is making a difference by creating fuel efficient technology that everyone can use." - Alan Mulally, President and CEO, Ford Motor Company

"Ford facilities are often faced with complex environmental challenges, and every year - even in hard times - our employees rise to the challenge with innovative solutions that reduce environmental impact while promoting sustainability. The Green Choice Award honors their achievements, and challenges others to take bold steps." - David Berdish, Manager, Ford Sustainable Business Development
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