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Ford Escape ZD new facelifted model

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I have no intention of trading in my current ZC. Looks as though they are releasing this model down under. They had it on display at the adelaide motor show. Have not attended the motor event. Would rather wait until my local dealer has it on display. For the new model the six cylinder engine will not be available. It will only have the 2.3 Litre four pot motor.

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That's a pretty sharp looking Escape. Do you know what the ZD stands for?
I always wondered why FORD think Americans would not want chrome on their cars when they offer classy looking models for everyone else...??? !!!! Looks nice for sure. :pug:
Surfscape said:
I always wondered why FORD think Americans would not want chrome on their cars when they offer classy looking models for everyone else...??? !!!! Looks nice for sure. :pug:
Don't forget about all the chrome you can get on the 2008 Escape with the chrome package. There's a lot of people that doesn't like a lot of chrome. I don't like chrome trim at all (except emblems), but that new facelifted Aussie Escape doesn't look bad. Thanks for the pic, stone!
Yah I talkin chrome in the right places so it looks a little classy not over the top bling-o-licious type chrome. :hyst:
Nice looking car. Thanks for posting that, stone! (now I want one...)
Hello ScooterScott. Not sure if the ZD are initials for anything. Actually it is fords way of identifying it as the ZD series. My escape is the ZC series.
Australian versions are ALWAYS better looking the US versions. I know it's been discussed, but that's because they're "higher end" there. Here, Ford wants to move you into a Explorer so they keep the Escape more "mid-level"...I hate being manipulated like that, but then again if the US models were that good looking, we wouldn't be doing all the cool mods we do. :D
I checked out the new facelifted ZD at an adelaide dealership. It has exactly the same interior as my model. They made some changes in context of the seat fabric. The websites indicate the console as having a new ' Piano burgundy' colour. This confuses me because this was not obvious, in the model i was observing.

But it does have a different upholstery. The gearshift lever, interior lighting, dashboard gauges, climate control and radio/cd player are exactly the same as my 06 year cabin interior. They gave the external design a substantial cosmetic change. Bonnet has a new shape. Side profile has flared out wheel arches. I found it odd that the two tone theme has been axed. The rear tailgate has no chrome garnish. It is an XLT model but there is no 'XLT' chrome badge designation on rear. But there was an ' ESCAPE' chrome badge on rear tailgate.

The grill does not bother me, but for some reason the headlights are disorienting. There are indicators on both external rear vision mirrors. Where the previous model had the side indicators, there is something that looks like a fake vent with an escape logo on it. In my opinion our earlier models look more offroad in their body shape. Anyway not flustered as i will not be trading in. This facelifted model needs some dedicated accessorising.

The thing annoying me the most are the stock factory tyre size. Ford have installed bridgestone dueler HT tyres of 215/70/ R16 specs. This new model is a medium size suv. The wheel arches have acres of tolerance. In reality i noticed how piddly the tyres looked on the car. If it was me i would mod up the front end. It needs a bit of ruggedness in the image. I know some people think of nudge bars as spoiling the look.

To me it's a nice car but i would not hesitate in modding that front end. Also this new model needs a lot bigger tyres ,for that certain ready for action off the road appeal. At least 235/70 specs or maybe even 235/75 if there is enough wheel arch tolerance.

I intend to be observant if this model gains a few sales in adelaide. My interest will be in how other people choose to accessorise their ZD. :)
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They appear to have, discontinued the chrome grill.
Introducing the new updated grill, for the ESCAPE ZD.
I have no idea, why ford updated the grill for our australian model.
Looks reasonable, but i prefer the original chrome set up.

The current updated grill. :confused: :shrug:

These are rear shots of ZD escape.
They have changed nothing on the interior.
It confuses me why they, have discontinued the chrome grill.

This is the ZD with original chrome grill.
I prefer this type grill, before FORD updated the grill.
Have looked around at a few car yards.
My photos at the top, are FORD'S current cosmetic upgrade.

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