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While waiting for my truck to get a oil change and state inspection I took a gander at the Ford Flex. They look like a Range Rover in the front, and regretably a Scion van in the rear. Still though, it wasn't terrible looking, just different.
My first impression was, WOW! They are alot bigger then I imagined them to be. They have third row seating in them that actually looks usable. The one I saw was gray with a white roof, loaded with all wheel drive. The leather heated seats were big and comfy. The 3.5 liter V-6 with the dual exhaust sounded very nice. The only thing I noticed right away was the 18" rims and tires. Not suitable for winter habitats. Nothing a decent set of snows won't cure. The controls were set up well and this was the first vehicle I played with that had the Microsofts Sync on board. For the 35,400.00 price tag I would hope it drives and handles better then it looks.
This could very well be a nitch for some that got tired of SUVs and wouldn't get caught dead in a mini-van.

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I've seen a couple of them, too. Both times, my camera phone was full (that's getting to be really annoying, but our phones are being replaced next week).

I thought the same thing about the 18" wheels and tires when I bought my Edge. No worries there. I went through last winter just as easily as I did with my Escape and my Explorers, and for once with Continentals, they're quiet.

I love the 3.5's exhaust note in my Edge. If I have a chance, I'll record my with my stereo MP3 recorder. It might be a lot different from the Flex, though, since the platform is different. The Flex is built on the D3 platform, unrelated to the Edge and MKX, yet they're both built at the Oakville Assembly plant, just 10-15 miles southwest of downtown Toronto.

While I'm rambling, we were in TO last weekend. On the way back, I was in a lot of traffic, so I didn't get much of a shot of the Flexs (Flexi?) in the main parking area, but here's what I got:

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