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While waiting for my truck to get a oil change and state inspection I took a gander at the Ford Flex. They look like a Range Rover in the front, and regretably a Scion van in the rear. Still though, it wasn't terrible looking, just different.
My first impression was, WOW! They are alot bigger then I imagined them to be. They have third row seating in them that actually looks usable. The one I saw was gray with a white roof, loaded with all wheel drive. The leather heated seats were big and comfy. The 3.5 liter V-6 with the dual exhaust sounded very nice. The only thing I noticed right away was the 18" rims and tires. Not suitable for winter habitats. Nothing a decent set of snows won't cure. The controls were set up well and this was the first vehicle I played with that had the Microsofts Sync on board. For the 35,400.00 price tag I would hope it drives and handles better then it looks.
This could very well be a nitch for some that got tired of SUVs and wouldn't get caught dead in a mini-van.
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