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Ford is on a major roll!

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jpark said:
Loans are not a bailout, especially when they're repaid.

Are you 100% debt-free?
No, but Dave Ramsey is giving me the tools to get myself there!!!

Anywho, this is one of the main reasons I'm proud to drive a Ford. My parents have had 8 Fords, 2 of those were handed down to me, plus I had a Sable and my Escape, and now we have our Edge. I know Ford's prices are a little high, but so is everyone else's, and Ford's quality and options are increasing. That's why my wife and I went to college (putting ourselves in debt to get through, guess I got bailed out by Sallie Mae?).

Here's to saving up for my 5.0... :beer:
I had a '93. Thing was loaded with leather, sunroof, 3.8 (3.5L?), digital dash. Loved it! Ended up getting rear ended and totaled way before she was ready to give up.
It must have been the 3.0L.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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