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Ford maverick XLT 2.0

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Right i had a quick look at the threads and didnt really find an answer to this so mabye you guys can shed some light on it for me. My problem is im in Scotland and have the European version of the escape(maverick) now from what i can tell with looking at the pictures on here there identical but does any one know if i was to buy a front A bar and side steps or anything from the states would it fit my maverick as im struggling to find a supplier over here that will be able to get me the kind of toys that i want to kit my baby out with.

heres a picture of my car you can see what i mean about identical

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thanks for the quick info guys :D i managed to source out a supplier over in Ireland who had contacted a supplier in italy who states that the 2001-2003 ford maverick shares the exact same mounting points as the mazda tribute so there 100% sure that a tribute bar will fit maverick. Ordered the bar that the supplier reckons will fit my car so heres hoping it does actually fit. I should receive the front A bar within the next 2 -3 weeks :D. i have been asured that if it doesnt they will take the bar back.

camusdarrach - i stay just outisde glasgow in a small place called cumbernauld. If your passing through here ... wear a stab proof vest and drive extremly fast!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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