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Hi everyone! First time/first posting on Escape City. This should be fun; I know way too much about the Escape, not to mention the Ford line-up.

So I have a 2009 Ford Escape XLT (if you look on CarDomain, I am the highest-ranked for now) and I am looking to install of Ford OEM wheels that are bigger. My choices are:
Explorer XLT 17" (so not the Eddie Bauer ones) from the current- and previous-generation Explorer
Explorer Limited 18" chrome wheels from the current-gen
20" Flex wheels
20" Explorer/Mountaineer AWD wheels

I'm not going for the flashy look, since my goal is to make the 'Sport Appearance Package' that Ford should make with the Escape, not the one they have going now with the black grille, black wheels, and black spoiler (goofy-looking, imo). Which one do you guys think I should use, and what tire combo should I use? I don't think I want to tread (no pun intended) too far from 235 or 245mm tires. I was originally looking for just a set of summer tires, because the low rolling resistance tires right now have helped me get 26 MPG, but if I find a set of decent all-seasons, I might retire the original wheels and tires after 5,000 miles.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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