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Ford's improving warranty numbers

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The Scape has only had two problems both minor now the Windstar is a different story
Windstars are different story! My one brother has owned three, but loves them. He's currently driving a Chrysler T & C since he got a killer deal on it. Windstars have been hanger queens. The Chrysler is no different, just newer. Other Brother has a Lexus and a Honda minivan. Lexus SC400 is a hanger queen and high maintenance. Honda is near perfect.

Our Tribbie has almost 10K on the clock. So far, so good! Same for the 01 Bullitt.

I beleive that the initial quality ratings that Ford and GM have been getting are much improved. Even Consumers Reports correlates that, although they seem to be about a year behind on cars. They say the Escape has a four speed tranny for 09. D'oh!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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