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Fourthmeal's Projects - 2008 Tribute's first build

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Hello all,

New member to this forum but the other EC knows me all too well when it comes to audio (and probably my off-topic rants about awakening, as well.)

In this thread, I'm simply going to detail my Tribute's first system build. The hope is that others will be able to use ideas or concepts they see from here to help themselves.

That said, here's the pics, and I'll try to fill in the blanks later as time allows and questions come in (if any.)

This system was installed a few days after buying the car. It was hastily installed and built out of spare wood, suede, etc. Very simple, very fast, and decent looking (especially from a few feet away.)
This is the amp rack. These are PPI DCX amps. Not too shabby. My bro-in-law owns them now. He liked the "radiator" idea I used here, and in fact when I built his system, I did the same exact thing at his request.
Note that the pass-through still works on the passenger side. The driver's side wouldn't matter anyway since I'm too tall for the seats to fold flat behind me anyway.

This one uses the factory trunk spacer in place. Later I figured out how to work around that.

4 gauge wiring was run through the unused clutch pedal grommet

The trunk was tossed together in a couple days.

I don't have too many pics
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Thanks for the photos fourthmeal. Very tidy and quite sophisticated hi-fi system install. Quite pleasing on the eye. :) :thumb:
Thanks! This one is long gone, but I felt like some people may want to use it to draft their own concoction.
I know this is an old post but where did u place ur fuse holder under the hood at...thanks
In this system I placed the in-line fuse holder within 12" of the positive battery terminal. In subsequent builds, I upgraded to 1/0 gauge wire and as it turned out, the battery terminal I used had an integrated main fuse. A fantastic product imo. Nothing beats having integrated main fusing in the battery terminal. I highly recommend that.
where do you get one of those from...thanks for the idea...also do you think placing the tweeters on the slop part between the door handle and the electric switch...that way they would be pointing more towards you...
Here is a picture of my old 8 gauge wiring fuse location. My 4 gauge is in the same spot. I used the battery mount as a base to mount the fuse holder body.

As far as tweeter placement, play around with the location using velcro/tape and find the best sounding location. Then mount the tweeter there. That is what I did and the location I chose sounded the best to me.

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