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jpark said:
If I had done that, Dasha and Colleen would have tagged the post as spam and Squishy would have fed it to Turdle.

:hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst:

That's a fact!

I wanted to take the buy out for a flight to Belgium years ago on American from Chitown. My wife nixed the idea as she didn't want to wait till the next day and ride on Sabina to Brussels. Same place, two hours later arrival. But get this, they offered $300.00 each ticket each way! I didn't pay that much! Oh well, to the meat of the story. Turns out the AA airplane was broken, they put everyone up overnight downtown, and we all flew on a Sabina 747 the next day. Yeah, that's right. The same plane... :censor: She's still kicking herself eight years later. :shrug:
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