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Today I started the dreadful task of removing both front control arms because the bushings were bad and the steel surround was rusted and starting to disintegrate. I removed the pinch bolt and ball joint no problem, but the rear 21 mm bolt was just spinning to no avail. I figured that the clip had busted and the nut was just spinning, but there was only one way to find out. The nut was completely concealed within the subframe, it was either rip out the carpet and guess where it was or perform surgery on the subframe. I chose the latter and cut a 2x2 hole with my cutting wheel, then I cut the control arm off to get to the bolt which I cut off flush with the bottom of subframe. Turned out that the clip holding the nut had come apart so I took a long cold chisel and sheared it off then I was able to push what remaining bolt and nut was left up and fish it out. I plan on taking a new nut back in place but am waiting on the order still. This also gives me an excuse to buy the new gasless mig welder I want! At least now I know why there are so many of these vehicles in the junk yards, throwaway mentality by ford engineers. Grrr. Thank God I was able to get the driver's side off with out having to do the same thing.
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