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Front Wiper Relay? (2002 V6)

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My wipers have done a few odd things over the last couple months. Example - The intermittent setting will occasionally wipe inconsistently... wipe, wipe, pause, wipe, pause, wipe pause, wipe, wipe, pause.

Tonight, I sprayed my windows by pulling the wiper control stalk towards me. This usually sprays the window and wipes until I let go. Normally, I'll get two full wipes after I let go and then the wipers park themselves. Tonight, after I let go, I got 1-3/4 wipes but the wipers stopped in the middle of the windshield. I had to pull the stalk a few more times to get them to park properly. I tried them again a little while later and they worked normally.

I found the fuse location in the manual. I'm going to check that tomorrow. I figure if that's OK, there might a problem with the wiper relay. Does anyone know where it's located and where I might be able to get one (aside from the dealership)?
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Was there ever a reported fix for this problem? It is exactly what I am experiencing on my 2002 with 113k.

The intermittent function does not work at all, hi/low work at the same speed and the wipers to not park in a rested position.

there is a fuse I haven't checked yet because then I doubt the wipers would work at all and it appears to be a relay problem, but I can't find a relay in the owners manual.

any help would be appreciated
from what I can tell that would be correct, the motor is shot, it might be the switch but further review makes me think it is the motor,

a ford focus has relays ... p?t=145761

and they are at the kick panel by the fuses. but a quick search for compatibility wiper motors on ebay and amazon show that the escape and the focus do not use the same motor

therefore I would say if the escape has a relay it is in the motor itself and not in either of the fuse boxes under the hood or in the kick panel.

luckily the default is the wipers work at full speed instead of stop completely,. 6 hours from home on thanksgiving is not when you want to lose the wipers
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