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Front Wiper Relay? (2002 V6)

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My wipers have done a few odd things over the last couple months. Example - The intermittent setting will occasionally wipe inconsistently... wipe, wipe, pause, wipe, pause, wipe pause, wipe, wipe, pause.

Tonight, I sprayed my windows by pulling the wiper control stalk towards me. This usually sprays the window and wipes until I let go. Normally, I'll get two full wipes after I let go and then the wipers park themselves. Tonight, after I let go, I got 1-3/4 wipes but the wipers stopped in the middle of the windshield. I had to pull the stalk a few more times to get them to park properly. I tried them again a little while later and they worked normally.

I found the fuse location in the manual. I'm going to check that tomorrow. I figure if that's OK, there might a problem with the wiper relay. Does anyone know where it's located and where I might be able to get one (aside from the dealership)?
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The owner's manual maintenance section shows the location of the Power Distribution Box.
The box is in the engine bay on the driver's side next to the fender & near the airbox.
I'm assuming the wiper relay is in there.
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