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Now that I've replaced the stock deck in my XLS, it's just sort of hanging around and the wife wants it gone. I see these listed on eBay for $100 or $125 or $140, which seems pretty high, so I'm willing to take offers from E-C members too smart to pay that much.

This will definitely work in the 08-09 Escapes, possibly the Mariner/Tributes from these same years (though I don't know much about the audio system in those cars and whether it's any different).

It's brand new, was only used a few times and was removed from the vehicle within about 3 weeks of me owning it. Here is a photo of the actual unit for sale (on the right, of course; I'm keeping the one on the left). I'll consider trades for other 2nd-gen Escape stuff. Make me an offer via PM!
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