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FS: Scangauge II

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Hey guys I am selling my Scangauge II. I've had it for roughly a year and it is still in perfect condition. Very useful to calculate trip mileage/costs/mpg. It can read engine codes and even clear them! They make one that is more tuned for my Jeep which is why I am selling this!

The All New ScanGaugeII With XGauge.

Compact size
Fits almost anywhere!
Works On 1996 or Newer Vehicles
Including: Gas, Diesel, Propane and
Hybrid Vehicles
Detachable Cable
Allows for easy portability from vehicle to vehicle.
Menu Driven Operations
No need to memorize complex sequences
Works On All OBDII Protocols
Including CAN, required on all vehicles starting in 2008.
Large High Contrast LCD
User changeable backlight color

New Software

Vehicle Specific Gauges
Instantaneous HorsePower
Cost Per Mile/Cost Per Trip
Fuel Rate Out To 1/100th per Gal./Ltr.

Anyone intrested for $125 shipped to the US? You Canadians we can work something out too :D
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oo i got second dibs if squishy doesnt get it lol
LOL :bump:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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