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fuel economy on escape

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Hey guys
what's your fuel economy on your escape?

somehow i am not getting a good result.... about 400 KM to refill.... not that great :|

my car is 2010 ford escape XLT 4 cyl FWD... :(
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Oddly enough I checked my mileage yesterday in my round trip from RI to NH and back. About 130 miles each way. On the way up I had the rear windows cracked and the sunroof open and I was averaging about 28 mpg. Then on the way back with the A/C on and windows closed, I was about 27 mpg. The temperature coming back was about 92 F compared to about 80 F going up.

On average for all driving (highway and city) I get around 23-24. 4WD 2.5L.
hmm.. there must be somethign wrong.... i assume u all take just regular unleaded fuel right?

mine is FWD... which suppose to save gas :(

on top of it, i should go to states every two weeks to fill up....

gas price in BC is 30 - 40 cents higher per liter compare to the neighbors :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: .... GRRRRR
Extreme driving with a 2009 and newer Hybrid can net as high as 58 mpg for a TANK. Yes, 700 miles a tank. Go to to read about bragging rights.
I'm averaging 26.4 miles to the gallon.
When I just drive to and from work, which does not take me onto the Autoban, I average about 28-29mpg (Thats with a 60mph top speed)

When I use the autoban (80+ mph) I get around 25mpg
The wife's commute is about 65-70mph and about 17 mi one way. She usually nets between 26 and 27 MPG. That is a 2007 XLS 2.3L with the CD4E ATX. I'd really like to see what the new 6spd produces.
anywhere from 460-490km per tank.
my trip computer shows usally 16-18mpg for in town and 20 was the best for hwy use. when i actually figured it it was 22. mine is an 05 v6 awd
what fuel u guys use? i guess the gas i used last time from a unknown gas station must be bad gas.... getting very bad mileage... compare to the first time when i take the delivery :|
i use 82 mostly shell or petro canada.
I use BP 87 octane gasoline and usually average about 23-24 mpg in mixed driving. I have gotten over 30 on trips.
i rarely go over 325 to 350 km with a full tank in normal city driving and i'm veryvery gentle with the gas pedal...

4wd 3.0 l 6 speed

and i'm now at 6600km so maybe it will get better with more milleage on the engine :shrug:
I have a 2004 XLT V6 4X4 and on highway Ive seen as much as 26-27mpg. That time I drove from Syracuse,NY to Boston, MA, 85% hwy at 65mph and 15% stop and go in the Boston area. So I get 21mpg with my everyday drive to and from work, which I would say is a mixed drive, all back roads at 40mph, and 1-3miles between stops, over a 26mile drive to work.
mr hammond said:
my trip computer shows usally 16-18mpg for in town and 20 was the best for hwy use. when i actually figured it it was 22. mine is an 05 v6 awd
My 06 v6 awd is about the same but the best i have gotten was 24.
I have an 06 Escape, with a 2.3 L four pot engine.
On a full tank, i average maybe about 635 kilometres.
Either my driving style has changed or there is a significant difference in the Summer/Winter mixes. I go from ~400 mi/tank in the winter to ~425 mi/tank. I've calculated a few tanks at an average between 30-31 mpg. I have a 2.3L 5spd Manual and drive 90% highway with little to no traffic.
stone said:
I have an 06 Escape, with a 2.3 L four pot engine.
On a full tank, i average maybe about 635 kilometres.
that is some impressive mileage.... will see what's going on after the next full tank fill up....
All hand calculated and never topping off the tank :

I'm averaging between 10 and 10.5L/100km (or about 22-24mpg US) in mixed driving with 17,000km on it. Normal driving, not feathering the gas but not blasting from lights (although this V6 goes like a bat out of Hades if you really nail it). I typically get about 500km to a tank in mixed driving and put anywhere from 50-53L in it at that mark, so it isn't even empty at 500km.

On the highway I can get it a hair below 8.0L/100km if I keep it to 110km/h, but consumption goes up quite considerably once you push past 120km/h (about 72mph) cruising speed. 09 3.0L 4WD. Doesn;t seem to make a difference if it is V6 or 4 cyl for MPGs in these things so I went for the V6. I run Petro-Can, Esso, Shell or Pioneer 87 Octane and it really doesn't seem to matter whose gas I use

FYI, it Loses about 10% in cold weather vs warm but that's probably cold starts and winter gas as my wife's Mercedes running premium fuel is about the same. AC on or off, doesn't seem to make much of a difference

All in all I am very impressed - about the same as my old 4cyl 2.0L 99 CRV AWD got and about 30% better than the Honda Odyssey this replaced.
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Hello i get about 420-430KM per tank, 26Km/g (+/- 16mi/g) in the city, mostly all my driving is in the city.

I got 33km/g (+/- 21mi/g) in a trip (1000mi), almost all the time between 120-140km/h ( 75-88Mi/h), however that was with the Cargo Bag on top of the Roof Rack, so i guess is not usefull for comparison purposes..

mine is a 3.0 4wd, 6 spd
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