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Fuel Economy Question

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I am considering the purchase of a 2010 Escape or Mariner 2.5L 4 cylinder 4x4. After test driving it (Escape), it seems to be a decent vehicle. Can anyone tell me what they are realistically achieving for fuel economy with this vehicle (4 cylinder 4x4) along with their general driving conditions (hilly, flat, city etc.).

Any information would be much appreciated. If you have other important information I should know please feel free to educate me - you're the experts!

Best Regards
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I have the exact same question for the same setup.
I'd like to see some real world mpg stats with the i4 4x4.
According to fuelly they get anywhere from 10 - 12l/100km 21-18 us mpg(rough conversion)
That's mixed with the v6 also.

Looking at a 11 tribute.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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