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Fuel Saving Ideas???

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Hello everyone, i just became a member to this forum and i have a few questions. I recently bought a 2007 Ford Escape (i may have paid too much for it), and i love the car, absolutely love it, but i was wondering, with the way the fuel economy is... is there any way to possibly cut down on fuel costs? i have read on here that some of you installed a 'Weapon R intake' and a few have also installed an exhaust system.... any of those fortunate enough to install those... have you seen anything in your gas mileage change? i am looking forward to being a prat of this forum... thank you for taking the time to read this.

take care
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Appo said:
I have one od these, makes a difference!
I guarantee that any differences you are seeing from that are a placebo effect. Those things are a genius marketing ploy for several companies (e.g., Tornado Fuel Saver) and unfortunately, a complete waste of money.

Edit: These guys have even gone one beyond the tornado fuel saver - they are trying to convince people to buy 2 for each vehicle to save even more! 50% emissions reduction in an off-the-showroom-floor car? No way!
Pmike404 said:
Jay2TheRescue said:
When I was young and stupid I bought a Tornado... All it did was remove ~$100 from my wallet. I think my mileage actually went down with it installed.
That's impossible with all of the money it removed from your wallet it should have decreased the weight of your wallet thus getting you better fuel economy lol :lol:
Pmike404 said:
Jay2TheRescue said:
Yeah, but the piece of crap they sold me to stick on top of the carburetor weighed more than the $100. Honestly, now that I have the experience of taking physics classes in college, I think it actually ended up restricting the airflow.
At least you didn't buy the magic magnets to put on the fuel line lol

Those are the biggest scam of all time :doh:
Nope. I saw a website one time that advertised a sticker that was supposed to boost your fuel economy. You were supposed to put it on your gas tank, and some special metallic properties or something would infuse your fuel and make it burn more efficiently.

I literally LOL'd. :lol:
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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