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Fuel Saving Ideas???

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Hello everyone, i just became a member to this forum and i have a few questions. I recently bought a 2007 Ford Escape (i may have paid too much for it), and i love the car, absolutely love it, but i was wondering, with the way the fuel economy is... is there any way to possibly cut down on fuel costs? i have read on here that some of you installed a 'Weapon R intake' and a few have also installed an exhaust system.... any of those fortunate enough to install those... have you seen anything in your gas mileage change? i am looking forward to being a prat of this forum... thank you for taking the time to read this.

take care
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When I was young and stupid I bought a Tornado... All it did was remove ~$100 from my wallet. I think my mileage actually went down with it installed.
Yeah, but the piece of crap they sold me to stick on top of the carburetor weighed more than the $100. Honestly, now that I have the experience of taking physics classes in college, I think it actually ended up restricting the airflow.
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