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For the last 3 weeks we've been building a chevy 350 for the enjoyment of putting in a Tbucket and then putting on the dyno.
Here are some pictures of the last couple days.

Installing the Block.

Starter's installed.

Headers go on.

Carburetor goes on.

Compression test.

First start up.

Dyno Run.

The engine put out 202HP and 268 ft/Lbs of torque with everything stock.
Next week we get to put on a blower and performance cam, and dyno again, then once more with nitrous, should get about 400-450HP with everything.

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cody_aubin said:
theres no steering wheel, or brakes.
All you really need is a gas pedal!! Who needs to steer.....or stop for that matter...Cody likes living on the edge!! :peace:
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