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Fun Runs and Member Meetings

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Here is a meeting place to discuss and plan Fun Runs and such get togethers, past and present.

2 years ago several members of our city met in Orlando for a weekend of rides, car shows, good meals and conversation. It was a blast and an experience I'm sure will be repeated in the near future. If you find members in your area that want to go cruising, off roading, whatever, it can be a very good time and it is nice to put a face to the names and share escape stories!

Security Note: As I said we had a great meeting with several escapes and members coming together for a mutually great time, but the internet is a vast and sometimes dangerous place, so anytime you meet someone you only know from chats on-line, use common sense and due caution. We want yah back with good stories and pics.
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So this is going to be all the way in Florida again?
psh, I would rather take my own Escape out there. That way you can see it in all of it's gloriusness! aka sexiness!
When is it going to be? I should have several nice mods on her by then.
Maybe I will plan my vacation to visit my grandparents in Alabama around this fun run.
As long as there are places to go off roading I don't care where we meet up. Heck, I have family in Okie! :lol:
I love driving, so it's ok. Plus, I haven't seen any of my realitives in several years so I can use that as an excuse for driving all the way out there. :bill:
Kiki said:
I wish our traffic laws were enforced with the same level of seriousness. Some of the stuff people get by with is outrageous!
I was clocked doing 97mph in a 65mph. ():) I had to pay the $403 fine and now I have to go to traffic school so I don't get the point on my record.
Kiki said:
Do I want to ask what you were doing at 97 mph? No, I don't want to know...what?...mmm...uh...really, 97 mph? Wow!
Don't worry, I was slowing down when he clocked me. :)^ He said if I was doing any faster he would have had to make it more punishment. (for some reason cops are more lenient(sp?) on you when you have you front seat filled with books on police pursuit driving and the California Vehicle and Penal codes. :lol: Funny thing, I was actually running late to go to my Police pursuit driving class. (I want to be a California Highway Patrolman.)
Ever since I bought my Escape I have been keeping the speeds way down. After I got that speeding ticket it was 3 or 4 months before I sped again and even then the fastest I have gone is 80mph on my way to my friends moms wedding in Nevada and I couldn't be late for it. I have been doing around 65 to 75, I figure, "whats the point?" I have a 4 by 4 and I don't have the front sway bar connected and it's an SUV, I can hurt someone with this thing,
Surfscape said:
In South Florida if you're not going 90 MPH then you're slowing down traffic and hazard to all. :p
Thats what it usually is for us. Espicially on the toll roads that I drive on everyday. 80mph is considered the normal speed. Any faster than that though the cops start not liking it.
Ok, back on track guys. Enough with the jibba jabba foos!

Lets find a place and stuff to do that we can all enjoy, THEN lets decide on a date! I am thinking sometime around August/September. That will give some of us time to put some nice little upgrades on our 'scapes then take some time off work and what not.

So first off, who has any good ideas where we can beat on our Escapes for a little bit?
Kiki said:
Well...uh...if you want to attend the annual Florida Fun'll be in...mmm...Florida! Namely, Central Florida.
Why thank you! ***. I didn't know it was only a Florida thing. ;)

Anyway, so what are the plans as far as what we are going to do when we get there?
Well then.....let us discus this most wonderful event!
1 - 13 of 91 Posts
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