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Fun Runs and Member Meetings

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Here is a meeting place to discuss and plan Fun Runs and such get togethers, past and present.

2 years ago several members of our city met in Orlando for a weekend of rides, car shows, good meals and conversation. It was a blast and an experience I'm sure will be repeated in the near future. If you find members in your area that want to go cruising, off roading, whatever, it can be a very good time and it is nice to put a face to the names and share escape stories!

Security Note: As I said we had a great meeting with several escapes and members coming together for a mutually great time, but the internet is a vast and sometimes dangerous place, so anytime you meet someone you only know from chats on-line, use common sense and due caution. We want yah back with good stories and pics.
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Is JP the midget on the right holding the gun? :bill:
Uh oh someone is shy about their fetish...
That would be one hell of a drive from California lol
I've slowed down since I got my Escape too. Realized that it doesn't go as fast as my Eclipse did, nor does it handle as well. I graciously have not had a speeding ticket in quite some time. Prob been about 4 years. I have been keeping the speed down lately. But I still keep my cop finder turned on cuz I still do more than the speed limit. A very famous phrase in can do the "Sign plus Nine" and that's it.
I want to drive on the autobahn! :)
That's just a stupid driver who doesn't know his/her own limits. That wasn't a bad impact with anything really so I am not the least bit surprised he walked away. Probobably soiled themselves though :)
Especially if Dasha is seen en route :yahoo:
In a

They are getting skimpier thats for sure! I just chuckle everytime I look at it!
LOL Yup! I just watched the movie again last night!
1 - 9 of 91 Posts
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