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FWD to 4WD

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today while i was sleeping in english lit.:boring:.i thought to my self what if i buy the rear axle of an escape 08 and up and i take to a mechanic so they can fit it in. is it possible or i was dreaming to much in class today??
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It's a 2010 thus pretty much new.....why didnt you get 4wd to begin with?

I never understand why people even entertain stuff like this on a modern much less new one one way and want to convert it another way, like 2wd to 4wd, auto to manual, etc. Shoulda just got what you wanted to begin with or else sell it and get the right one. It's not worth the time, effort, and expense....not to mention throwing away resale value in the cases you could do it in the first place. Only time I could see ideas like that are even entertainable is if it's some old beat up rusted out beater where it could be done pretty cheap with not much involved and no worries about looks and all.
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