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Garage Door Opener Spot

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Good Morning!

Question for the masses who own the Ford Escape:

In my wife's old 2003 Chevy Blazer there was a spot at the top of the headiner for documents, sun glasses and a garage door opener. When we purchased the 2011 Ford Escape XLT with a sun roof, I never noticed :doh: any place to put this garage door opener so that it is out of sight. Does anyone have any ideas how this coul be done?

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I did install a module in my 03 Escape too. I bought the module from a local junk yard out of Lincolns,actually i bought a bunch of them for all my cars.I paid like 15$ for 4 of them if i remember. In my 03 is a little more difficult to install it because i had to cut the sewing and after i had to sew it back closed but it looks nice and it works nice

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