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generic electronic module

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Or g.e.m 2002 escape been told I need one, can anyone tell me where it is and if you can do this without dealer programming something have been told many different things about it. any info would be great
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jpark said:
SUVord said:
It is located behind the dash panel, at the center of it.
It accepts two electrical connectors.
As for progamming it, I'm not 100% sure but I doubt it.
Not on a 2002 Escape.

The GEM on 2001-2004 North American Escapes/Tributes is located behind the driver-side kick panel. The interior fuse panel is part of the GEM.

You should be able to plug-and-play a 2002 GEM with the same engine.

But before you replace the GEM, make sure that the wiring for the ABS module, under the hood near the master cylinder, is not frayed or burned. If it is, there's a recall for your Escape that will replace the wiring and/or the ABS module. Make sure that's done before you replace the GEM.
If it's part of the fuse panel, you mean that the fuse panel is on the driver's side?
jpark said:
My bad, a 2001-2004 GEM is under the center console, with two large connectors, like SUVord said. It's accessible from the removable panel next to the accelerator pedal, and it's secured by two nuts.

One of them is me.


It should take less than an hour to remove and replace.

I was thinking about the Central Junction Box, which, on a 2001-2004, IS under the kick panel.
If the console is the same as a '09 which I've been into, the sides are trapped by the top and as I remember the sides/back are all screwed together. Harness clips are attached to the sides also.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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