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Get Rid of creaking in your Escape.

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So I have been getting some creaking in my Escape in the front doors when I was doing sharp turns up or over small inclines or into my driveway(basically when the body would twist. I was thinking it was the interior door panels, but it was actually the outer weather striping that starts halfway up the front fender and wraps over the top of the door to the middle of the rear fender. The weather striping was dirty and dried out. I could replicate the noise by pushing on the top of the doors. I cleaned them down very good and lubed them up with silicone spray and BAMN the creaking was gone!

I also went to the fabric store and purchased some adhesive backed felt for $1.99. It is just like the stuff Ford and other auto makers use on the inside panels to prevent creaking. I wrapped some on the cargo cover contact points (especially the two knubs where the cargo cover slides in near the rear hatch opening), and took out my stereo and the center dash trim and put some on any contact points. Next thing I'll do is take the door panels off and put the felt on the contact areas where the handle cups snap into the door and then I'll do the center console so it wont creak when I lean on it.

:yahoo: My Escape is going to be as quiet as a Jaguar.
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Hey rsong12, i'm really impressed 400,000 kms with your 2001 Escape, any rust or majors problems with yours?
I hope to achieve the same thing with mine because i love mine and i really take care of My Escape

Please post pics of your Escape,


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