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GM Down under news flash

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Our australian news media, has reported that GM will close about 14 factories in america. This action will result in the loss of 21,000 jobs.

The ' Holden ' plant in elizabeth , which is a suburb north of adelaide, has declined to make a comment. Doesn't look good to me. People just can't afford new cars, because employers can not gaurantee 100% job security. Everywhere in adelaide and suburbs, the car yards are full of new model holdens. They have been there for months.

The dealers offer incentives, hoping they can deplete their stock. It is not happening. I be aware we are in a crisis. The surface has only been scratched. Can anticipate it will become very severe. I am surprised that the GM american bosses, have not closed down the ' Holden ' factory at elizabeth.

If they choose to keep their sth. australian division going, i will guess it would be for different reasons. I suppose the benefit for our government would be political.
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Even worse, we'll now have a "Chummer". Fox News is reporting Hummer being sold to Chinese company.
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