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So, had an appointment way north of town; about 4 miles from a decent salvage yard up there (normally 25+ miles) so I dropped by after looking for a black replacement center dash vent for mine, which was broken & poorly repaired with excess superglue that had failed...

Found a silver w/black 2012 crash victim (that had just arrived the day before) and yanked out the vent: it's a little shinier than the older one: hopefully it will spruce up the joint.
But it gets better: the 2012 also had a cargo cover rolled up in the back, which I been looking for: only seen one on e-bay for $50 + shipping, which the guy really didn't want to bother doing; scored this one for $7.oo!

But the big surprise score of the day was a 4-set of Michelin Defender LTX tires on alloy rims (in nice condition) with ~%70 tread remaining (~%75 on rears), for only $186.xx - including tax!
Cheapest new price I found was $192!
For one tire!
(Plus mounting & balancing 4 is like $88-120)

And, of course the rims are worth a good $200!

So, $800 worth of rubber & rims for under $200, and my winter tire problems solved!


The other thing I actually went there looking for was a rear view windshield mirror: mine has gotten significantly 'de-silvered' along the whole bottom edge.
So, I actually found one, already knocked off the windshield (it took a divot out of the glass!), so, the glue didn't fail, and it still has the 'mounting plate' in the base of the pivot/arm assembly.

Does anyone know to get those apart...?

The '12 mirror is a little bigger than the '08 mirror, but I thought the mounting hardware would still be the same...
(But I have made bigger mistakes before!)

Any insight appreciated.


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Yo good one Cap'n , yep wreckers/breakers/bone-yard/salvage yards can be a interesting place sometimes with good deals "sometimes also" , i'v had a few like a real real good A/C compressor from a 80 thou klm vehicle for $30 , it was like new , door locks cheap , if fact most places real good .

Imo just don't tell them that , as you know what people are like (prices double overnight) , atm these era vehicles are at a glut but when things start to dry up the opposite will happen for cost and if they ever become trendy again with the new school dooeruppers then it'll be a arm and a leg for everything :unsure:

ps , i still have not found a OEM ashtray/cup yet! :poop:
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