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:thumb: I just purchased a set of these for my Sport Trac. I tried the Michelin frame-less wipers, and they wouldn't lock on to the arm? :shrug: My local Costco just started carrying these Goodyear ones for $7.99/ea. That's about half (or more) of what you pay for similar designs/brands at other stores. It poured this AM, and they work excellent. Both my ST and Mariner take 20". The Mariner came with frame-less ones from factory -- which are still good. I obviously can't speak to their longevity, but I think I might stock up on these while Costco still carries them.


- Sizes from 16 in. to 28 in.
- Wiping element coated with SilentArmor Technology™ for quiet, long lasting performance.
- ResponsEdge Technology™ for maximum windshield contact in all weather conditions.
- Includes: Special connectors to fit late model OE designs
- Aerodynamic styling
- Easy to install
- Made in USA ... lang=en-CA

(^ I'm not from CA. Link is for info only)

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I recall seeing a display at Sam's Club (similar, there are no CostCo's in OK) but since I just bought a set I didn't pay attention to price. pretty sure it was GY as I seem to remember blue & yellow.

It looks like the rebate I got a while ago is still valid until jun 30 09. $10 rebate on a pair of Michelins at Wal Mart

Can't recall what I paid for them tho.
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