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Here's a post of mine from the past...
Tired of Tires! (Opinions please!)

Okay, I think I have settled on 2 tire choices:

Michelin LTX/MS (the ones dbsbaker got) at $147 x 4

Goodyear Fortera TripleTred at $145 x 4

A $40 rebate is being offered on the Goodyears but that's not my main concern......which tire would you go with? (I just want a quality tire that is quiet and grips the road better than the Contis.)

**Also, would you get the tire certificates for an extra $82? These certificates would get a replacement tire in case of a blowout, damage from debris on road, etc.

Any opinions would be very appreciated as I want to get the tires put on hopefully this week.


I ended up getting the TripleTreds! I LOVE them and they just had their first rotation. I definitely recommend them to anyone wondering about 'em. They are very "grippy" on the road. There's a pic on my CarDomain page.
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