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Google Android 7" tablet

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Bought this barely a month ago to use as a E-reader. Well, I found a Pandigital E-reader under the tree for me so I have no use for this. It was only powered up about 6 times and is in new, perfect condition. Here is the link where I bought it on E-bay and the price I paid. I'll sell it for 85.00 shipped Lower 48 only please. ... MEWNX%3AIt
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Things I've tried with it:
Sending and receiving e-mail.
Watching videos on U-tube.
I plugged a SD card in it and looked at some pictures and played music.
Use it as a E-reader.
It has a built in camera and bluetooth which I haven't tried.
I've read a bunch of reviews about them as well before I bought it. It seemed that there was a 50/50 split on liking and not liking it. It isn't a I-pad, thats for sure. For what I bought it for it works fine. It is a decent go between if you want to just to surf the net, send e-mails and listen to music. It also does a good job as a picture viewer. I heard that it is good for face book and sites such as that, though I haven't done that either.
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Charger, box, USB dongle, and the unit itself of course
Sure did! How did your Christmas go?
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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