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H11 SilverStars are AVAILABLE!

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After almost four years of back-and-forth e-mails with Sylvania, someone at Sylvania finally decided to shut me up by releasing H11 SilverStars. I almost passed out when I saw them at Advance Auto this morning.

Yes, some people have had bad luck with them (I'm not one of them), and yes, I do agree with Daniel Stern on a lot of his points about filtering halogen lighting and then compensating for the light loss by decreasing the lamp voltage (and life span) to increase brightness.

But I can't help it. I've always liked the look of SilverStars.

And if you clean the bulbs with pure isopropyl alcohol, dry them with a clean paper towel, and don't allow anything to contact them when installing them, they should last for a long time. Mine always outlasted the length of time I owned each car. I've never had one burn out on me.

Sooo, if you have a 2005-2007 Escape (Mariners and Tributes use different headlamp bulbs), and if you like SilverStars, Sylvania just gave you an early present for the holiday season. SilverStars are available in H11 (low beam) and H7 (high beam), and SilverStar Ultras are available in H7.

If you have a 2008+ E/M/T, there's an H13 (low/high beam) SilverStar.

And I like to think that my 1,275 e-mails to Sylvania may have helped.

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It shouldn't have taken four years!
This one, right?

Ford also uses them on the Mustang.

There are no SilverStars for these yet, but a company called Putco distributes a typical blue-coated knock-off:

There are also a few HID kits for the PS24WFF/H16/9009/5202: ... cts_id=135
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It's not "officially" called the H16 or 9009 yet, but it's the same bulb.

And it is a weird shape for a halogen lamp.

Thanks! And it's nice to hear that from an expert!
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