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I was searching for fog lights and these are in my price range. I read the description on this product and I am still unclear as to whether they plug into the stock wiring harness for the fog lights. I have an 02 escape xls and though other forums it sounds like the wiring harness for foglights is on every escape whether it was equipped with them or not. I have checked the fog light switch and it is covering a harness plug. So my plans are to order the kit and a stock foglight switch. My questions are, does anyone have experience putting these on? Do they plug into the stock wiring harness? If anyone knows anything I would appreciate it, I just wanted to try here before i try contacting a dealer or the manufacturer. It says it includes 1 wiring harness(all winjet, some x3) does that mean anything to anybody?
Thanks for the help
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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