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I came up with an interesting solution on how to hardwire my electronics, without splicing into the cables for those electronics. This way, if I decide to take out the toys and use them in another car, I don't have a wire without a cigar plug on the end of it.

Basically what I did was go to a Radio Shack type store, and purchase either a two-way or three-way cigar lighter splitter, one you can plug into your standard cigar lighter, to give you extra space. I then hardwired that splitter into the wiring for the existing 12-Volt power point behind the dash. This way, you can run your plugs that come with the toys to that plug how ever you want, and the only thing you've cut is the $20 splitter. I'm not sure about how much room you have to play with behind the dash on the newer models, but I know on the 2001 model, I didn't have a problem hiding the wiring and spiltter. If you're in a rush to take out the GPS or whatever, comes right out and goes to the next car. This is also kind of cool because depending on where you splice into, the accessories you plug in can turn on with the car, which usually gives a nice ohhh-ahhh effect :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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