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Having fun with linux

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This event, happened years ago with my Compaq presario laptop. Installed linux as an experiment. It well and truly embedded itself. Tried to format and reinstall, WIN 98 with the 98 install cd disc. No success. :shrug: :confused: HMMM! So i then rebooted into dos mode. Attempted a format from dos without the install cd. :cry: OH NO!

Off i went to visit a sales rep at radio rentals. It was fortunate for me, that he used to be a computer programmer as an original trade. Because linux had installed itself thoroughly on my system, he performed the procedure of a low level format. It was not the conventional format but a low level format operation.

He said there were no guarantees, and basically it was like clutching straws. This former programmer mentioned that low level formatting can be risky. A person needs to know exactly what they are doing, plus everything has to be spot on accurate. I am not exaggerating that the command lines he entered looked like a scientific formula. Have never seen commands such as he was entering.

First of all he downloaded some files from the net. There was also a book this programmer used as a reference. After a while he disregarded the book and closed it. His next move was to enter, a string of commands. This was straight out of his head without even looking at anything. :) :thumb: :shock: I must have looked a sight, because the mind was boggling.

I asked him : How did you learn all that? He just smiled and was quite modest in his reply of : Oh! I suppose you get used to it. Have done this on odd occassions in the past. A person can get used to anything with enough practice.

My thoughts were, that with his skill and knowledge he seemed very humble about it. Anyway i didn't fully comprehend his programming science, but rest assured his technique was interesting to watch.

:) :yahoo: He successfully eliminated ' Linux' from my laptop. I was then able to reinstall WIN 98. :happy: It took at least an hour and a half. The sales rep had customers to attend to. Also the low level formatting, plus his other programming tricks were very involved. He charged me a fee which was reasonable, and i was very happy to pay the rep for his efforts. :)
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