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It was hay time and the top heavy cart, coming from the field had overturned in the lane . It's young driver looked at the fallen load in dismay.

**** " Cum in fer dish o' tay " , said a motherly soul to the boy as he stood there. " We'll give 'e a ' and gettin' it right after. You'll feel more like loadin' again after a drink and sit down."

*** " Faather won't like un, " said the boy doubtfully.

*** " Faather won't knaw nowt ' bout un, " said the woman comfortingly and led the boy, still reluctant, into the house to join her family.

***** Half an hour later, all emerged to view the situation, the lad thanking the lady but repeating that, his father wouldn't like it at all.

** " Rubbish ", she said. " I'll deal with your faather. Where's 'e to? "

***** " Under the 'ay " , said the boy. :clap: :lol: :hyst:
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