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2011 2.5 FWD Silver Escape
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Hi there,

Greetings from Honduras!
I just got a month ago a 11 2.5 fwd Escape in replacement of my old 03 Montero Sport and so far Im liking it a lot! Having all the tech and conveniences the Sport didn’t is really nice lol
So far we have taken it in 2 road trips and it’s been super nice and comfy. I had a Ranger years ago so I already know Ford and always wanted to come back.
Future plans for my Escape are:
Double din dvd
Amp and speakers
Get a brushguard
LED bar
Maybe a slight lift and meatier tires once replacement is needed

I already added a couple LED pods and replaced the third brake light bulbs with LEDs

It has some details of course but I will be taking care of them soon.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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