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Help: 05Headlights+HID, but keeping H4 connectors...?

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Hi, I have a 04 Escape and I made the 05-07 headlight upgrade. I want to install HID to these new healights. Since HID bulbs are connector-compatible with all Ballast (same brand), my idea is: H4 connector--->H4 Ballast--->H11 Bulb... so there is no need to make the "electrical wire mod" to connect the H4 cables to the.headlights. I asked the seller about this, and he said that this can be made with no problem.

I just wanna know what do you think...and if you have a better idea???...I really want that the hi-beans can be turned on, keeping the hids on...I read about that here, but, with this configuration, do you think that the hi-bean mod can be made?

The HID brand I will buy is Xentec because its the cheaper and professional kit on ebay...also, cuz I have bought this brand earlier.
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