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HELP, broken radiator drain plug

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Hi, I'm sure some of you have had this problem, but I was trying to remove the radiator drain plug, and it snapped, what would be the best way to remove this?

Any help would be awesome.

(not urgent) do you have to remove the bottom splash guard to drain the coolant?
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so your saying that the threads that are still inside my radiator will have room for a hex key?
probably, to be honest I didn't really look, I had the socket on there and then I heard a snap, got mad, and went inside.

the head of the plug was the part that broke off.

I'll go out and take a look in a few minutes
Thanks for the advice, im going out right now to take a peek, but there is almost no way to fit my head in there to even see the threads from the bottom.
I thought the coolant would leak all over the bottom plastic guard, so I took a few screws out (and broke one) and tried from the bottom. I also noticed that the radiator drain has a angled spout, is that where the coolant flows from?
Thanks for the tip, I'll use the same technique, only using water to flush everything through. I also have this coolant flush chemical I got from C-tire. I think my only hope for completing the flush tomorrow would be if canadian tire has the drain plug at the parts desk, otherwise I think everywhere else is closed..

thanks again
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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