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Hello I purchased a used 2019 Ford Escape but recently noticed a loose plug while replacing my battery.
Can't for the life of me identify what it is or where it needs to go.

I appreciate any clues or help.

THanks fellow Escapers!!

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Rotate the plug 180 degrees if you see any male connector within that perimeter & plug's eletrical wire distance.. If can't find one, it does not have a connection. My guess is, it is there for some added features on other Ford Escape models which your Escape probably does not have.. Check everything electrical like windshield wipers, electric door locks, electric windows, horns, brake sensor, brake lights, light flasher signals, etc are all operational.
For reference on the plug design by Ford

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I agree with Scooter, but also look for another pigtail hanging somewhere鈥 I would for sure test it to see if it is hot, and wrap it with electrical tape if it is.
I would think if it was something important, you would have a CEL on
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