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I have a Ford escape 2011 xls 2.5 automatic
Buy a steering wheel with audio control.
Radio pioneer x395BT
In leather, new without use.
I'm going to put mine that has a rubber type without audio control.
I would like to be able to use the audio controls.
It already has a pioneer radio on, when I bought it it already came with it, so I still don't know if it has the interface or is directly connected.
I also have the original radio, and it had to sync or at least I think so since it has the telephone symbol.
Could you tell me if the prewire would already be in the steering wheel connectors?
Or do I have to wire everything up?
I haven't disarmed yet, these days I buy the T50 torx to disarm and change.

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I personally just went with this

PolarLander Universal Wireless Car Steering Wheel Controller 4 Key Music DVD GPS Navigation Steering Wheel Radio Remote Control Buttons Black

The buttons are about the size of a 50 cent piece and can be reprogrammed though my head unit (check for yours, however).

You can see my installed photos i in the reviews section on the bottom.
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