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Hello all from Northwest Oregon!
This is my 2005 Ford Escape XLS with 5 speed manual and 4WD. Bought it specifically because I wanted 4WD and I did NOT want a CD4E Escape.
The only options it has are 4WD, 15" aluminum wheels, cruise control and the rear storage bin. Since then I have heavily optioned it up.
The day I bought it:
Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Wheel Car Tire

And how it sits as of last winter:
Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Automotive side marker light

I've added the following Ford options:
Period-correct keyless entry keypad.
Fog lights
MACH 300 audio system with sailboat tweeters and rear amp and subwoofer
Center console from a Mercury Mariner.
Power driver seat
Auto dimming rear view mirror.

Bought the car with 224,000 miles and it sits at 262,000 miles now. Compression test shows at 200 PSI in all 4 cylinders. Car really takes a beating and keeps going!

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Welcome to the City!!! We are glad you joined us!!! The Gen 1 (or Gen 1.5 that us Escape "purists" call MY 2005 - 2007 Escapes) are a very reliable means of transportation.

I see you have upgraded the headlights from the OEM standard and they look good. May you have many trouble free miles!!!
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