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i've been browsing these forums for a while and just decided to join :rockon:


2003 Ford Escape Limited, bought it used with a few (140,000 lol) miles on it :worry: but it's loaded and i love it

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It's supposed to look rough.


Welcome to E-C, hattrick203!
Wingsfan said:
Yup, sure did watch almost every game and try to get down to a few. Just don't rub it in that the Sabres lost JPark may get upset :hyst:
:cuss: :wall: :censor: :rant:
What kind of a :censor: team gives up one point on the road with just over two minutes remaining in regulation?

:cuss: :wall: :censor: :rant:
hattrick203 said:
didn't mean to insult your team jpark, the sabers put up a pretty good fight
I keed, I keed.

It was just a bad way to end a four-game win streak, including a 4-2 win over Boston in Boston, and a shootout win over the Rangers, where Miller stopped Drury (former Sabre) to win the game.

Ajax said:
Dasha said:
Nothing wrong with being a lil dirty.
Easy to say when you have the Orbit gleam
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abide01 said:
nice looking escape, hattrick, and welcome aboard. wow jpark, if it wasn't for the university of buffalo football team you guys would really be sucking at sports.
* The Buffalo Bandits just hoisted their fourth NLL championship banner into the rafters at HSBC
* the Buffalo Bisons (now the AAA farm team of the Mets) have won two International League and one American Association championship since 1997 (Coca-Cola Field, our downtown baseball stadium, was the model for Camden Yards and US Cellular Field, designed and built a fews years before them by the same architect, and can be expanded to the size of those with one upper deck)
* The Bills, despite losing four consecutive SuperBowls, went to four consecutive SuperBowls, and won more games in a ten-year span than any NFL team in history (a record which still stands today)...and according to an ESPN in 2008, the Bills have the best tailgating in the NFL
* The Sabres have been to two Stanley Cup finals, and have missed the playoffs only ten times since the team started in 1970

I don't know if "sucking" is how I'd describe it...

The 2008 NLL championship game in Buffalo:

(notice the crowd in the plaza outside HSBC Arena to watch a Sabres game on the outdoor jumbotron)
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Ajax said:
Yea Buffalo would have beat the Giants if Ray Finkle Norwood wouldn't have missed, and, if I'm not mistaken, didn't the Sabres lose the Stanley Cup to Dallas mainly on a goal that shouldn't have counted? You guys seem to have some bad luck on your side, but, especially speaking as a Miami fan, you guys don't suck. 4 Super Bowl and 2 Stanley Cup appearances is better than, say, Arizona/ Phoenix or Charlotte
Well, the NHL's "official" statement was:
1) the goal was good (it wasn't, by the rules in place at the time)
2) the NHL didn't have any control over the flood of reporters on the ice after the goal was scored (HSBC Arena security employees all said that they were "ordered" to open the doors by NHL officials)
3) all goals were reviewed, including that one (it wasn't, according to HSBC Arena employees in the review booth, who all said that the NHL officials took off for the ice immediately after the goal was scored)
4) most importantly, Wayne Gretzky said "For what it's worth, I thought that the goal was good."
5) spin-cycle is now complete.

One of the NFL's biggest blunders, no doubt. Brady even thought that it was a fumble.
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