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Ford dealers don't exist here. Expert mechanics very rare. When the vehicle is hot (ALL the time!) and you slow in a queue of traffic it sometimes fades/stalls. After a successful non-stalling run, switch off for ten minutes - no start!

Had it diagnosed by the premier European garage which showed "ignition switch" 馃 they bypassed to key/button and road tested for two hours. Problem solved! I didn't even make it home. 馃が

Let it stand for an hour and it starts and drives beautifully until you switch off and want to start.

So far: petrol pump replaced, new plugs, air filter, ignition modified, tried unplugging ETS which

I read can cause issues in very hot weather and (hopefully) found it to disconnect. No signs of the problem connected or not.

Tired of going out not knowing if we will get home.

Any suggestions for an amateur with no access to more than I have tried.

Many thanks for a interesting and friendly forum 馃憤馃徏

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Welcome to the City!!! We are glad you joined us!!! Sorry you are having issues.
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