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Hi, everyone

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Hi! guys and ladies
I'm new here, and I have some general questions...
I got 2002 escape v6. Bought it with dealer on auction for my wife, but she decided to take my 04 VW Touareg V8, so I stuck here :lol:
I have a "check engine" light and also I have a 13mpg is that normal? (I mean mpg)
What it could be with the "check engine"?
How is the car in general? Had no time to do the research before I've bought it... :lol:
Thank a lot.
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You'll probably need to take it to a shop that has a computer to read the trouble codes and clear the check engine light, could be anything. 13mpg is a little low but before you panic make sure your calculating that accurately and drive it economically for a tank or two. If I remember correctly the V6's get in the upper teens city MPG so if it's been driven in any way but normal driving the results may be off.

Most of us here should be kind of biased on Escape's, I think it is a great vehicle to own, and intend to drive it till parts wear out faster than I can replace them, which in my case is usually not anything major. I'm at over 136,000 miles and no major repairs aside from a collision repair, normal wear parts, and tune ups.

Good luck to you, hopefully you'll enjoy your Escape as much as I enjoy mine.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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